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04, Nov, 2021

What are the ECA's thoughts on the future of Electric Vehicles and the required installation work? Dave Austin meets up with ECA's Luke Osborne to chat about EV and the Electrical Industry

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Electric Vehicle sales are increasing dramatically in the UK, with a massive spike in September 2020 despite the country being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. This boom is set to continue, especially with rumours in the press suggesting that the ban on new petrol and diesel cars could be brought forward to just 2030!


There are many concerns that electricians have about EV so we invited Luke Osborne from the ECA to discuss several points.


Competency to install is also a massive issue, this has come to light more recently since an Audit carried out by OLEV of "approved EV installers" showed that 53% of EV installation they had carried out required improvement - of these just over 20% were potentially dangerous!


This seems to indicate that not all EV training is equal, we understand this as it took us more than a year making EVE, the LearningLounge EV Equipment Installer's Course. Why do we think EVE is better?


- EVE goes above and beyond the level of content required to comply with the C&G, EAL and LCL Qualification Syllabi

- We believe in producing top quality engaging content that provides deeper knowledge and understanding

- We believe that no other course, classroom or online, provides a detailed theory and practical unit on Inspection and Testing EV Circuits

- EVE uses real locations for site surveys, specification, design and practical installation

- We’re not allied to one manufacturer, EVE will allow you to approach a number of EV manufacturers for OLEV approval

- EVE has a comprehensive assessment at the end to prove you have a solid understanding of the topic.

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Here's the interview with Luke Osborne that was filmed in the summer.




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