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03, Nov, 2021

Electrical Study Content Bundle - Resource Content Overview and Sample Links This post provides an overview of some of the primary content included within the Electrical Study Content Bundle.

The Electrical Study Content Bundle consists of well over 50 pieces of content, mainly videos with associated assessment quizzes. Some of the key products are grouped by category below and where this content has a publicly viewable page (because it can be purchased separately for private individual use) we have provided a preview link below. 

Prices for Tutor access to the Electrical Study Content Bundle (includes licence to exhibit) start at £330+VAT per tutor. A centre licence covering up to five tutors is only £990+VAT. Student access can also be added. Please contact mail@learninglounge.com to request a price list and full content synopsis. Please see bottom of this page for links to the tutorials which show both students and tutor admin aspects of using LearningLounge.com.

Science Content

Basic Electricity - Link

Science Nuggets - Electricity and Magnetism - Link

Basic Mechanics - Mechanical Science - Link

Essential Electronics - Link

Electronics and the Lamp

Electric Motor Content

Motor Magic (DC Motors) - Link

DC Motors & Control - Link

Mighty Motor (AC Motors) - Link

AC Motors & Control - Link

Variable Speed Drives - Link

Motors with a Mission (hazardous area) - Link

Power Generation and Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems (TN-C-S, TN-S, TT, IT) - Link

Lines of Power One - Supplying the Network

Lines of Power Two - Distribution Over Land and Sea

Lines of Power Three - Delivered to the Door

(also see renewable technologies below)

Health & Safety/Employment Content

Health & Safety - Manual Handling - Link

Electricity at Work Regulations - Link

Safe Isolation Procedures - Link

Health & Safety - Legislation and Risk Assessment

Working at Height - Link

Employment Rights & Responsibilities

Renewable Technologies

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Link

Greywater and Rainwater Harvesting - Link

Photovoltaics (solar panels) - Link

Power Through WInd - Link

Practical Installation

Cable Tray - Link

Fitting BS951 Bonding Clamps - Link

MICC/MIMS/MI/Pyro - Link

PVC Conduit - Link

Steel Conduit Wiring System - Link

Steel Trunking System - Link

Steel Wire Armour - Link

SY Control Flexible Cable - Link

Twin & CPC - Link

Fixing Components - Link

Design/Calculations and Installation

Domestic Distribution - Link

The Adiabatic Equation - Link

Cable Selection - Link

Inspection & Testing

Focus on Ring Final Circuit Testing - Link

Focus on Insulation Resistance - Link

Focus on Earth Electrode Testing - Link

Domestic Inspection and Testing (Initial Verification) - Link

Periodic Inspection and Testing using EICR - Link

Industrial Inspection and Testing - Link

Portable Appliance Testing - Link

Testing a Theory - Earth Leakage (unwanted RCD operation)

Other Topics

Introduction to Surge Protection (18th Edition) - Link

Lightning Protection - Link

Focus on Power Factor - Link

Focus on Fire and CO Alarm Systems for Dwellings - Link

Understanding Circuit Protection - (An introduction to fault protection and protection for safety) - Link

Understanding Circuit Protection - (RCDs) - Link

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Video Tutorials




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