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15, Mar, 2023

18th Edition and EVE - Online Course Navigation and Exam Booking Tutorial This post provides technical support and guidance on using the 18th Edition and Electric Vehicle Equipment Installation courses available on www.learninglounge.com

In this blog we will provide you with support on using our online courses and help to answer the most frequently asked questions along with providing guidance on booking exams.

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Recommended Devices and Internet Browsers
The courses will work on most devices, however for the best experience we do recommend screen sizes no smaller than 10 inches. 
Our recommended browsers on all devices are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

UPDATE 11/08/2022 - we've had reports that on some devices using Mozilla Firefox, Unit 4 of the Full Course is not starting and just sits there buffering. If you encounter this issue please swap to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge while we investigate the issue.

Combined 18th Edition and EVE Video Tutorial for Navigation and Exam Booking - recommended viewing

Exam booking
As you study you will be able to use our exam simulator which is accessed from the Course Resources ribbon.  Once you feel ready to take the Final Assessment, you will find this in a different place. It is on the Course Units ribbon. Only a pass on the Final Assessment will generate a certificate enabling you to take your exam at one of our partner centres.  Once you have passed the Final Assessment, please email the following details to exam@learninglounge.com
Full name as on PhotoID:
Date of Birth:
Contact Mobile:

Please note that with such a large network of partner centres we do not keep exam dates, additionally we cannot approach centres for dates and can only introduce you once you have passed the Final Assessment of the course.

Remote online invigilated exam

If you purchased one of our Prime Packages which include a remote online invigilated exam delivered by the City & Guilds Talview service, please read through the Candidate Ready Reckoner’ and Information for Candidates’ documents. You can also check your computer and internet are suitable for the service by clicking on this link.

Flag Tags
The course uses a colour scheme that matches some high quality Flag Tags which are used to mark up your regs book to save minutes of page turning in your final exam. You can order these from store.learninglounge.com

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to get extra time in the exam?
A. For certain people meeting strict medical or languange criteria it is possible to request extra time. Please check out this page:https://www.learninglounge.com/social/blog/post/create/1159199814

Q. How do I find a detailed list of the course content I have accessed?
A. On the COURSE RESOURCES ribbon is an icon showing a bar chart, click on this for more detailed breakdown.

Q. Is there another way of returning to the course home page, other than using the Suites TAB on the dashboard?
A. Yes. Click on the Cog Icon on the top right of the learninglounge page. Then select Default Page and, if you have set one, you will be taken to the course homepage.

Q. How do I get the course page to orientate in landscape on my phone?
A. Hold the device in landscape and force the browser page to refresh. Your device should then restructure the layout correctly. Please note we do recommend using larger screened devices.




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