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18, Jul, 2022

(ECS) How to book your formal ECS Assessment(s) This post provides information on how to book your formal ECS assessments for the Electrical Safety and the Health, Safety and Environmental Unit.

**PLEASE NOTE** This booking procedure is only for registered users to the learninglounge.com Electrical Safety Essentials Course. The enrolment must also include the required assessment(s).

Step One

To book your ECS assessment(s), please email exam@learninglounge.com

Step Two

Reply to the auto-response email. The critical information we require to book your Electrical Safety Unit Assessment is:
Title (Mr, Mrs etc):
First name:
Date of Birth:
National Insurance Number:
Please also supply a passport style photo (which can be from your phone)
and also a photo of current photoID such as Passport or Driving Licence (which we use when confirming your ID during booking)

These must match any existing account that you may have registered on ECScard.org.uk

Step Three

Once we've booked your formal assessment, you will get a link via email straight from the ECS system.
Assessments must be completed within 1 month of the course expiry date.

Formal ECS online assessments, which are automatically monitored by software, must be accessed using a Windows or Mac PC/ with a webcam. To see a tutorial on how the ECS Online Proctored Assessment Works please click HERE

For full device specification and troubleshooting please visit www.ecscard.org.uk/onlineassessment

Step Four

Once you have passed the assessment and if you have also passed the general HS&E assessment too, then you will find you will be able to order your related discipline card from the ECScard.org.uk website.

If you failed and require a re-sit these can be purchased by contacting info@learninglounge.com and requesting a re-sit. We will forward an electronic invoice for £45+VAT (per assessment). Once paid we will book your re-sit.

If you're looking for the FREE HS&E revision pdf guide you can find it  HERE




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