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11, Aug, 2022

ECS (Tutorial) - Related Discipline Card, Electrical Safety Course Information This post provides support and a tutorial for the Electrical Safety Essentials Course and also Online Proctored Assessments

The Electrical Safety Essentials Course has been produced to provide the knowledge based training to help delegates pass the Electrical Safety Unit required as part of the ECS Related Discipline Card. The required pass-mark for the formal assessment is 80%.

In this blog we will provide you with support on using our online course and help to answer the most frequently asked questions along with providing guidance on booking exams.

Recommended Devices and Internet Browsers
The courses will work on most devices, however for the best experience we do recommend screen sizes no smaller than 10 inches. 
Our recommended browsers on all devices are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Recommended Study Plan

1. Do a Practice Assessment - located under the course resources ribbon to set a baseline assessment of your knowledge before you start the main course units. 

2. Commence on the main course units listed under course units ribbon. Although completing these can be done in around 4 hours of study, we recommend breaking your study into smaller sections. A great advantage of e-learning is if you feel tired, or you feel you need a break, you can leave it and return later. We recommend learning sessions of around an hour with a full break away from screen for at least fifteen minutes, with perhaps a short walk and some fresh air.

3. Repeat practice assessments until you feel confident about passing with scores of 80% or higher - revisit main learning units to refresh areas you feel weak on. Note the passmark for the ECS Electrical Safety unit formal assessment is also 80%, so this is a tough test to pass, therefore the more you practice and the higher your practice score above 80% the more likely you are to pass!*

4. Email exam@learninglounge.com to book your formal assessment(s) if you purchased as part of your course AND provide the following information:

  • Title:(Mr, Mrs etc).
  • First name:
  • Surname:
  • National Insurance Number:
  • Date of birth:
  • A head and shoulders photo (passport style, neutral expression and clean background):
  • Photo of formal ID (passport, driving licence, or previous ECS card):
  • Contact phone number:
These must match any existing account that you may have registered on ECScard.org.uk

PLEASE NOTE - upon sending this email you will receive an auto response asking for these details - please ignore as long as you have provided everything requested.

Site and Course Navigation Tutorial

To book your assessment, please email exam@learninglounge.com

You will receive an auto response which covers all exams we do, however the critical information we require to book your Electrical Safety Unit Assessment is:

Once you have passed the assessment and if you have also passed the general HS&E assessment too, then you will find you will be able to order your related discipline card from the ECScard.org.uk website.

Formal ECS online assessments must be accessed using a Windows PC, using Google Chrome and you must have a webcam. Full system details can be found here: www.ecscard.org.uk/onlineassessment         

You may find that you will be reuired to allow certain permission on the PC/browswer for the test to work, 'Basic Guidance' can be found on the following link:

If you want to know how the online formal assessments work, please do check the link towards the bottom of our course support page.


Assessments must be completed within 1 month of the course expiry date.

* resits cost £45+VAT, we also do a one week course extension with resit package for £65+VAT
this can be ordered on request to info@learninglounge.com.

For full device specification and troubleshooting please visit www.ecscard.org.uk/onlineassessment

If you're looking for the FREE HS&E revision guide you can find it  HERE




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