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11, Jan, 2024

CSCS cards that require a Level 1 H&S in Construction Qualification This post provides information on CSCS alliance cards that require a Level 1 H&S in a Construction Environment Qualification or similar.

Information updated 21/11/23

CSCS site cards that require a level 1 H&S construction qualification or similar

Below is a list of CSCS alliance members who have cards that require or accept the City and Guilds Level 1 Qualification for H&S in a Construction Environment.

The Level 1 Qualification is a lifelong qualification. Choosing this means you only have to do it once, whereas the equivalent training courses (not qualifications) will need repeating usually every 3–5 years or upon card renewal. 

Therefore, doing the qualification via learninglounge.com is a very cost-effective solution that also reduces the ongoing training requirements.

Please read the notes below for important details for each card provider.


CARDS - click for ordering information


Labourer requires: Level 1 qualification or equivalent

Plus pass CITB multi-choice assessment (HSE test).

Apprentice: Level 1 Qualification is accepted as an alternative to an HSE test.

If your level 1 qualification is less than 3 years old, then there is no need to sit an initial ECS HSE test.

For renewal (after 3 years), the ECS HSE Test will still need to be undertaken.

If you have any questions, please email info@learninglounge.com




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