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03, Apr, 2024

ECS (information) Electrical Safety Unit Assessment - Online Course Available Information about the ECS Electrical Safety Unit Assessment Training Course. Relevant for the ECS Related Discipline Card (introduced in 2021) and other cards, including the Building Controls Associate card.

If you're already a user and are looking for the course tutorial and exam booking procedure, please click this link: ECS - Electrical Safety Tutorial

This information is relevant for a number of ECS cards which require both the HS&E and Electrical Safety Unit Assessments.

These include:

Building Controls Associate Card

Related Discipline Card (more details below)

To help you prepare for the Electrical Safety Unit Assessment (which has a passmark of 75%), required to obtain the Related Discipline Card introduced in 2021, LearningLounge.com has teamed up with Una-Volta Productions and JIB to produce an engaging online training course covering the detailed content of the unit “Electrical Safety Essentials” - Link

ECS Related Discipline Cards are available for: 

  • Field Engineer

  • Equipment Installer

  • Aerial and Satellite Engineer

  • Control Systems Engineer

A full list of jobs that are classed as related disciplines can be viewed here ecscard.org.uk

To obtain the Related Discipline Card, candidates will also have to pass the standard Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment. Our Electrical Safety Course will help with the electrical questions in this assessment, too. So it would be well worth doing “Electrical Safety Essentials” before sitting the HS&E assessment. Info 

A free revision pdf for the HS&E assessment can be found on this ECS page.

“Electrical Safety Essentials” is a fully online course available 24/7 allowing candidates to study when it suits them. The course covers important electrical safety and regulatory requirements from the related disciplines point of view. For our full course tutorial, assessment booking and support page please click HERE

Topics include:

  • Electrical Principles - voltage, current and resistance

  • Dangers of Electricity

  • Electrical Regulations - Statutory and non-statutory

  • Conductors and their colours

  • Transformers and their use

  • Safe Working Practices on Electrical Installations

  • Basic Requirements of Testing Electrical Installations

  • The course includes a repeatable practice assessment that we recommend candidates score 80% or above on a few times before requesting the formal assessment

The course will take approximately 4 hours to work through and consists of high quality video combined with unit assessments and revision questions with feedback. The questions can be attempted as often as required.

Prices start at £69+VAT per course seat and can also be purchased with both the ECS Electrical Safety Unit Assessment and the ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment. You can purchase individual seats using the links in the table below:

(Please note the 30 minute Assessments are carried out online so candidates will need a PC with a webcam, stable internet and a private room).

Assessments must be completed within 1 month of the course expiry date.

The user account details do not have to match the payee details, so a company purchaser can register an account for an employee and pay with a company card.

If you wish to purchase with a PO, or order for a team of people, perhaps with an admin structure that allows you to check on users including a weekly automated progress report, then please contact us. info@learninglounge.com

For more information on the ECS Related Discipline Card, please visit the ECS website. Link




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