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06, Jul, 2022

Una-Volta Newsletter Issue #2 - July 2022 In the second issue of the learninglounge.com/una-volta newsletter, Dave and Gary examine the reason why some RCDs fail the 5 x Test and why the test has now been deleted from Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition. In our FAQs we also examine what Prosumer Electrical Installations are, and also answer the question "Do you need to upgrade your current 18th Edition Qualification to Amendment 2?"

Issue 02: July 2022

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. Una-Volta is a channel on LearningLounge.com dedicated to producing the best online electrical learning and includes free content as well as very popular solutions for 18th Edition qualifications.

In this issue, we explore disconnection times for RCDs used for additional protection, and explain why the
5 times current test for RCDs used for Additional Protection has been removed from BS 7671.

We also look at some more frequently asked questions about Amendment 2.

Q. What is the required disconnection time in BS 7671 for RCDs?  

A. 40 milliseconds, right? Wrong! And here’s why. 

Regs in Brief Video - RCDs, why has the 5 x test gone? 

In this video, Dave Austin and Gary Gundry investigate where to find the required disconnection times for RCDs provided for Additional Protection.  They also look at some of the problems with testing RCDs that has led to the 5 times rated residual operating current test being removed from Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition. 


Why the 5 x rated residual operating current test has been removed.

FAQ-1. What are PEIs?

By Dave Austin

This Amendment of the Regs heralds a very exciting and game-changing new world of Prosumer installations. The long awaited Part 8 includes Chapter 82 which introduces us to the fascinating world of bi-directional Producer/Consumers.  Prosumer Electrical Installations (PEIs) come in a variety of arrangements that range from a single dwelling with PV generation and battery storage (individual) to an entire community (collective) sharing local generation, EV charging, battery storage and, if required, complete isolation (island mode) from the grid.

It’s a brave new world and Chapter 82 sets out the basic principles of how it might work. Much of the infrastructure is in use today in small ways such as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-battery (V2B) installations, but the concept and vision takes us to much larger more complex arrangements requiring national coordination and infrastructure via Distribution System Operators (DSO).  

Chapter 82 sets the scene for a net-zero, smart grid future.  It’s some way away, but you were there when it started!

  • At home exam option

  • Equivalent to one day training

  • Flexible - learn when you want

  • Pass guarantee

For more info on course content, click-here to visit our dedicated blog page. 

FAQ-2. Do I need to update my current 18th Edition qualification to Amendment 2?

By Gary Gundry

This is a very common question at the moment, and the simplest and most unhelpful answer is: It depends!

Let’s try to be a bit more helpful.  If you already have an 18th Edition qualification, you may be OK.  However, there will be times when you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the latest version of the regs. This could be, for example:

  • Verification of Qualified Supervisor status

  • Audit by ECA/NAPIT/NICEIC etc.

  • Going for a new job

  • Contract negotiation or disputes

I’ve underlined ‘demonstrate knowledge’ as there are several ways of doing this. You could watch a video, attend a roadshow or even a webinar, then show your CPD records.  Equally, there’s no better or unquestionable evidence than producing a current 18th Edition Amd 2 qualification certificate.

To help you comply with either the CPD or qualification options, we have some great solutions available on www.learninglounge.com/18

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In the next issue, we will examine the new EV courses coming from City & Guilds as they have a higher entry prerequisite, so if you don’t get your EV qualification before the end of August you may not be eligible to take it in the future.





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