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Prime Package 2 - our most popular 18th Edition training course
Una-Volta Newsletter #7 May 2023
Una-Volta Newsletter #5 April 2023
EVE - course entry requirements
Una-Volta Newsletter #4 March 2023
Una-Volta Newsletter Issue #3 - Oct 2022
Important Update to EV Qualifications
Una-Volta Newsletter Issue #2 - July 2022
18th AMD 2 - Changes Course with Exam Options
Why are some EV installers reporting that they've been criticised or failed on audits for connecting to a split load board?
Una-Volta Newsletter Issue #1 - 28th March 2022
Do I need to re-sit my 18th Edition for Amd 2? (and many more FAQs)
Free Upgrade to 18th Edition Amendment 2
IET & BSI publish Amendment 2 (2022) to BS 7671:2018 (IET Wiring Regulations) Information and Key Product Links
EVE - WINNER: Best Training Course Award 2021
OZEV registration with ENEL-X
OZEV registration with EO
OZEV registration with ROLEC
OZEV registration with Wallbox
What are the ECA's thoughts on the future of Electric Vehicles and the required installation work?
EVE - OZEV.  Manufacturers who will accept EVE graduates for OZEV registration.
Summary of OZEV EV Charging Point Survey 2020-2021
Business opportunity: 1 million EV charging points needed in the EU by 2024!
How to become an OZEV (previously OLEV) registered Installer
Discount for UK EV Installers Facebook Group
Q1. What 18th Edition exam questions would make you sweat?
Q2. How to find out the mV/A/m value for a cable when calculating voltage drop?
From 1/1/19,  bar raised to be an ECS Registered Electrician
Dave Austin answers some common questions about getting your 18th Edition
New Petrol & Diesel Cars could be banned by 2030! Are your installers EV ready?
EVE - partner exam centres for EV qualification option
EMERGENCY LIGHTING - opportunity for electricians
AFDDs - the most common questions answered
Nearly 70% of electricians feel under prepared for the Electric Vehicle revolution
Are you eligible for financial support to study your 18th Edition?
BONDING - the most common questions answered
Advice for staying fit and well during lockdown
Firsthand thoughts on LL's 18th Edition course – from a technical training professional
5 top tips for learning from home whilst social-distancing
Latest offers - Full 18th Edition Online Course for just £199 inc VAT
Q3. What can be used for the identification of bare conductors?
Q7. E or G - Bolted or Clip-in? What is this type of fuse and where can I find this out in the Regs?
Do you need SPDs for EV charging point circuits?
Countdown to EVE, a look at RCDs for the use with EV charging points and circuits
The Electrical Vehicle Market: Cash Cow or Damp Squib for Electricians?
Surely generating electricity for cars is polluting?
EVE - The Electric Vehicle Charging Course - book now!
Newsflash! We're up-to-date with Amd 1
Charging Ahead: is 2035 soon enough?
Warning about the use of TT in Amd One!
Q15. Where can I find the values of 'k' for the adiabatic equation?
Need help to answer those trickier 18th Edition EXAM Q&As
Q4. How does a BS 3036 rewirable fuse affect the current-carrying capacity of a cable?
Q13. Where are IP ratings in BS 7671 (the 18th Edition)?
Amendment 1 of 18th Edition - Draft for Public Comment available now!
Q16a. Can I use TT as a solution for Electric Vehicle charging?
Q16. Does each Electric Vehicle Charging point need its own Earth Electrode?
Do you need a separate Earth Electrode for each Electric Vehicle Charging point?
18th online course Quick Study Guide
Q14. What is the symbol I in the adiabatic equation?
Q12. What are the maximum disconnection times if there is an earth fault?
Q11. What are the accepted colours for identifying conductors?
Q10.  What's the difference between a Residual Current Monitor and a Residual Current Device, and how should they be selected to work together?
Q9. There are many Symbols for Current - what do they all mean?
Q8. How are the requirements for Overload Current Protection Fulfilled?
Q6. Why can't I find the height of Caravan Inlets in the 18th Edition?
Q5. What are Voltage Bands and where can I find them in the Regs?
Video: Pimp your Regs to be exam-ready!
SPD Calculated Risk Assessment - How do you work out length of supply cables?
How's your knowledge of Surge Protection and Lightning Protection?
Are the questions in the 18th Edition Exam in book order?
Want to do your 18th Edition in Kent? There's a new City and Guilds Approved Exam Centre!
How do I book my 18th Edition Exam?
18th Edition Corrigendum (Dec 2018)
Do you install the correct type of RCD(s)?
18th Edition online course prices
What 18th Edition exam do I need?
Early bird discount ends soon!
How much do you know about the 17th Edition?
Available Now. Enrol today interest free!
May Prizes Announced - Channel 18 Prize Draw
18th Edition Electricians Prize Draw no 2: 30th April 2018
Calling all Electricians - Like us on Facebook
March 2018 Prize Draw Winners!
Rumours about 18th Edition Update Exam Returning?
Who’s responsible for the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations?
18th Edition Monthly Prize Draw - March 30th
Confirmation of 18th Edition Changes - No Part 8!
AFDDs: in search of a serial killer
No update exam for 18th Edition!
Implementation dates of BS 7671:2018.
150,000 volts and me
From green to green screen