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28, Mar, 2022

Una-Volta Newsletter Issue #1 - 28th March 2022 In this first of our Newsletters for Electricians, we look at the key changes of Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition, published on 28th March 2022.

Issue #1: 28th March 2022

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. Una-Volta is a channel on LearningLounge dedicated to producing the best online electrical learning and includes free content as well as very popular solutions for 18th Edition qualifications.

Amendment 2 is here! So what do you need to know? 

To save you a great deal of time, we’ve distilled down the changes that are going to affect you today into a freely available high quality video presented by Una-Volta’s Lead Presenter Dave Austin and our Technical Guru Gary Gundry.


The Top Ten Changes in Amendment 2 that will affect you today!

FAQ-1. Do my installation designs need to comply with AMD 2 from today?

Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition has revised the words concerning the implementation of the new requirements. Previously the words ‘all installations designed after (a date)” were used. Now we have “may be implemented immediately’. So what does this mean in practicality?

Una-Volta’s technical Guru, Gary Gundry, had this to say on the topic:

“This change was introduced to prevent designs to earlier editions of the regs still being used on projects that take several years to complete.

For example, on a large housing estate that commenced in 2014 it was acceptable to use plastic consumer units. If that development was still building houses several years later, then the original designs were still being used despite new requirements demanding metal consumer units being introduced in 2015!

So this new change means electrical installation designers are steered to comply with the latest requirements as it includes current best practice and the latest safety measures.

For larger projects that could have been designed to the 17th, built throughout the 18th Edition and, dare I say it, commissioned on the 19th Edition, these had to be considered as well.

An important inclusion to note is the word ‘withdrawn’.  It is the first time we have seen this in BS 7671. This means that the existing standard, BS 7671:2018+A1:2020, remains current only until it is withdrawn on 27th September 2022. After that date it is no longer considered to be an acceptable reference, the only British Standard that you should be working to is Amendment 2. This brings BS 7671 into line with normal practice for British Standards.

As Amendment 1 will be withdrawn in September 2022, a separate paragraph – duplicated from page 2 of the Regs – has been included to cover contractual and legal considerations, as compliance with a British Standard cannot confer immunity from one’s legal obligations.”

So if you’re involved with contracts, keep an eye out for phrases such as All installations have to be installed to the latest Edition of BS 7671’ as this means that the equipment specified may need to be changed at a later date, therefore impacting profitability.

FAQ-2. Do I need to update my qualification to Amendment 2?

YES! If you’re still on the 17th Edition then getting an 18th Edition Qualification will be essential AND your competent person scheme (CPS) provider will check this.

If you’ve already got your 18th then you will also STILL have to prove your knowledge of Amendment 2 to the CPS. You can do this by either answering questions about Amd 2 during your annual assessment, or just show your CPD training record. Go one better by showing your 18th Edition Amd 2 qualification certificate!

Una-Volta's 18th Edition Amd 2 courses will be available on LearningLounge.com towards the end of April. Everyone with a current live enrolment to our amendment 1 courses, who has yet to book an exam, will be eligible for a free upgrade to Amd 2 version of their course and Amd 2 Exam.

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In the next issue, we look at Prosumer Electrical Installations (PEI) and how the requirements for SPDs will impact EV Charging Point Installations.

You may think it will be many years before you will start to work on PEI. But they’re already being installed, and you might already be working on one and just haven’t realised it.





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