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06, Mar, 2020

The Electrical Vehicle Market: Cash Cow or Damp Squib for Electricians? In this blog we consider the impact that increased demand for Electric Vehicles will have for Electricians - is it going to be a positive?

The Electrical Vehicle Market: Cash Cow or Damp Squib for Electricians?

You’ve probably seen the news – the Electrical Vehicle revolution is upon us, with 2020 set to be the year of the electric car. Driven by the need to cut CO 2 emissions, the UK Government is pushing for a change in the automotive market.

Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Chapps recently announced that he wants to ‘normalise electric cars as being the way forward’, and is working alongside the Prime Minister to achieve a ban on the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2032. The pace of change in the automotive market has always been fast, but to think that in just 12 years we could be seeing a complete shift in production to predominantly electric vehicles is astounding.

But is it all hype?

Well, those in the automotive market don’t seem to think so.

Vehicle manufacturers are all vying to launch new electric vehicles to meet the Government’s mandate for lower carbon emissions by 2035. Over 75 new models of electric car are due to be launched in the UK 2020, in addition to just under 100 EV models already in the market, according to the Guardian newspaper.

And the countless reports of new investment by global enterprises into this sector is further evidence that the automotive market is on the tipping point of substantial growth. In mid-February, energy giant EDF bought a majority stake in POD Point, one of the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging companies in the UK, as part of a £110m deal, alongside Legal & General.

So, what impact will this have on electricians?

All the signals are pointing to EVs dominating the market in the next decade, and with this change comes opportunity.

EVs will need charging, so we can expect to see the appearance of many more charge points all over the UK - in homes, businesses and across the road network. This will inevitably lead to the need for electricians capable of building the supporting network of charging points.

So, adding another string to your bow and becoming an EV charging equipment installer wouldn’t be a bad shout right now!

Whilst any qualified electrician can install EV equipment, it is a specialist field and therefore well worth making a small investment of time and money in a good EV installer course. It will help you to understand some of the unique considerations and mistakes to avoid when installing EV equipment, as well as updating yourself on the latest regulations you’ll need to comply with. Knowing how to address TN-C-S (PME) issues, designing EV circuits and even dealing with unrealistic customer expectations are included in many training courses, and can be highly useful knowledge in this new sector. 

EVE - The Electric Vehicle Equipment Installation Course from Learning Lounge is a great example of this.

How can this opportunity be maximised?

If you really want to make the most of this new opportunity, then it is worth considering becoming OLEV approved. This means that (with the appropriate qualification and equipment training) you will be eligible to install domestic and/or workplace EV charging equipment that is part-funded by the Government’s Home Charge and Workplace Charging Grant Schemes – clearly a ready-made market, waiting to be tapped into. 

You can find out more about becoming an OLEV approved installer in our recent BLOG article on the subject.

So, is there potential to increase your earnings by becoming an EV installer? The rapid market growth and the urgent need for an electric vehicle infrastructure would suggest yes, adding this service to your existing offer or even becoming a specialist in the field could be lucrative. Becoming an early adopter of this skill could certainly give you a competitive edge and bring you a new revenue stream that has the potential to grow as rapidly as the EV sector.

If you would like to learn more about the EVE electric vehicle equipment installer course, offered by Learning Lounge, visit EVE for more details or click on the bell on this page to subscribe to our blog for advice and information on EVs and online electrical training. 

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