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28, Aug, 2018

What 18th Edition exam do I need? Are all 18th Edition qualifications the same? In this blog we will provide some guidance to clear up some of the confusion that surrounds the topic of Exams.

When it comes to the 18th Edition qualification, there can be a little confusion …

  • What do I need for my JIB Gold Card?

  • Do I need C&G?

  • Can I do the EAL exam?

  • Who are Logic Certification?

Well, let’s wrap-up one thing first.  

There is ONLY ONE qualification:

a Level 3 Award in Requirements for Electrical Installations (BS 7671)!

This qualification in the UK is regulated by Ofqual so it has to meet strict criteria laid out in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Awarding organisations, such as C&G, EAL and Logic Certification, offer an exam that meets this framework.  So, if you sit an exam – with any of these three organisations – you will be assessed to the same standard.

This in turn means that all government-approved scheme operators, such as NICEIC, and other organisations associated with the industry, such as the JIB, have to accept any BS 7671 qualification that complies with the QCF.

A word of warning, though.  There is no 18th Edition update exam!  So, even if you decide to do an update course, you’ll be ‘tested’ on the whole of the Regs book - that’s 60 questions in 2 hours.

Learninglounge’s online 18th Edition full online course will provide the training necessary to take any exam for the Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671.  

If you want to check your level of knowledge, please try our free pre-course assessment as it will guide you on the best route for what to do next: classroom, online, update or full course.

Our exam simulator will also soon be available as a standalone product.

Keep an eye on learninglounge.com/18th for free course samples and to purchase the course.  Create your free LearningLounge account to make sure you can view all of the options not available to public page access.

If you would like to discuss corporate 18th Edition Exam solutions please get in touch.


Good luck with your route to the 18th.




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