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02, Nov, 2021

Discount for UK EV Installers Facebook Group EV installation is alot more complex than many think, in this post we have teamed up with a truely supportive Facebook Page - UK EV Installers. This post includes dedicated links and discount codes.

For those that are interested in the installation of EV charging points, we’d like to recommend a very supportive Facebook Group - UK EV Installers.

This is a group where all members are carefully vetted and where no question is considered too stupid.  Page administrator James Harding, who also runs an associated web page ukevinstallers.co.uk , recognised how complex EV Charging Point installation actually was and how those that were interested in the topic, or who were already installers, could collectively benefit from sharing each other's knowledge and experience.

Back in early 2021 an electrician who had completed the LearningLounge EV course, called EVE, contacted us to say we should join the page, as many people were complaining about how poor their EV training course had been, and he felt that nothing else could come close to what we’ve included in EVE.

So we got in touch with James, who was already familiar with us having completed our 18th Edition Update Course via Trade Skills 4U.

James was very impressed with EVE and has negotiated a discount for all of his members, for both the standalone course and also the course plus official qualification.

EVE normally costs £178.80 inc VAT for the course by itself - great for those wishing to check they are still up to date, or who are interested in EV installation but not certain whether they need or want to do an official qualification.

EVE plus qualification is £418.80+VAT.

To get a 10% discount on the course portion of the package please use the following link and discount code: (you will need to create or login to a learninglounge.com user account - which is free to register)

EVE Course Only - BUY NOW

Discount code:UKEV2101

EVE Course with Exam - BUY NOW

Discount code: UKEV2102

If you’ve not heard about EVE before, here’s the Promo video.

For more information, including available exam centres if purchasing with qualification, please visit www.learninglounge.com/eve

But remember to use the links above with the discount code to get your UK EV Installer Discount.




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