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18, Jul, 2022

18th Edition (Amd 2) Full Online Course and Classroom Resource - Tutor Use This post looks at the use and benefits to using our 18th Edition Online Resources for both Tutors and Students/Apprentices

On learninglounge.com we offer incredibly engaging training content for the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

18th Edition (Amd 2) Full Online Course

Our Full Online Course is designed to be a self contained learning experience for Electrical Contractors wishing to qualify for the 18th Edition. Tutors can also use the course for their own CPD or they can use with an exhibition licence to use the course content either in front of the class or even via online tutor led lessons. 


18th Edition (Amd 2) Tutor Classroom Resource

For tutors who want access to the main learning video content of our Full Online Course we have also developed a classroom resource which uses an easy navigation content ribbon with search box to quickly find and launch video content. This is ideal where full screen display in an online session or on a whiteboard is required.

Here is a short demo: https://youtu.be/W0kjAXNe6Pw
(please note demo shows the original version, but in principle works the same way).

To order these packages please provide a college PO to ensure that we register you have a license to exhibit. Please contact us if you would like a pricelist. mail@learninglounge.com

 - We also have a bundle of content called the "Electrical Study Content Bundle" please click here to view more information.




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