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12, Jul, 2022

Resources for Electrical Teaching and Learning Welcome to our main overview of the content we produce for those teaching levels 1-3 of electrical study.

Welcome to our blog on the content we have available on LearningLounge.com to aid in the teaching, learning and study of Electro Technical Courses and Qualifications.

We have four primary products.

1. Electrical Study Content Bundle - a large collection of training videos, often with associated quizzes, that cover a wide range of topics from Electrical & Mechanical Sciences and Health and Safety through to Practical Installation Skills, Installation Design and Inspection & Testing. Tutors can have access to the content to use in classroom sessions (including online), student seats can also be added. Click here for more info.

2. 18th Edition (AMD 2) Full Online Course - this is our full course used by contractors in the UK to get their 18th Edition Qualification. E.g. C&G 2382. Tutors can use this resource in front of the class to bring an added dimension to the learning experience, including integrated question and assessment sections.  Subsidised access is available to 3 year electrical apprentices when provided by educational establishments. 

3, 18th Edition (AMD 2) Classroom Resource - this is all the main learning content of the 18th Edition Full Online Course arranged in a convenient Netflix style interface to enable the tutor to swiftly navigate between video content for classroom or online teaching sessions.

Click here for more info on 18th Edition Training Content

4. Electric Vehicle Equipment Installers Course, EVE - this course is proving very popular with Tutors. Many have expressed how much this has added to their own knowledge and then are keen to either provide access to students, either with direct access or to a group where the tutor has a licence to exhibit. A classroom video resource similar to our 18th Edition is also in development.




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