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14, May, 2021

From 1/1/19,  bar raised to be an ECS Registered Electrician Changes from 1/1/19 ECS Registered Electrician status - you need to be 18th Edition qualified

If you meet the criteria for an ECS Installation or Maintenance Electrician cardholder and are qualified in the current edition of the Wiring Regulations, you can apply to become an ‘ECS Registered Electrician’.

The JIB has introduced this new status to recognise those electricians who are not only qualified to NVQ Level 3, but also meet the latest British Standard (BS 7671) for electrical installation.

If you’re working at this level, you should be proud of the time and effort that you’ve put into your skills and professionalism so far.  So, become an ECS Registered Electrician in 2019 to give you the status you deserve.

Why should you become a Registered Electrician?

  • Highlight your position as not only qualified to the industry-recognised Level 3 standard, but also the current Wiring Regulations
  • Get a well-deserved endorsement for your professionalism and skills
  • Stand out amongst your peers
  • Be proud of the time and effort you’ve put into your training and development
  • Increase your status and credibility in the industry

To find out more about the ECS/JIB card, click here.

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