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05, Mar, 2019

Are the questions in the 18th Edition Exam in book order? We have lots of questions asking about the order of the BS 7671:2018 exam questions

Many people have asked us whether the questions in the 18th Edition Exam are in Book Order. So many, in fact, that we emailed City and Guilds a few weeks ago to request confirmation.

Their initial response was "no the questions are completely random".

Ironically within a day of getting this response our technical development and presentation team took their 18th Edition Exam at the Una Volta Exam Centre in Strood, Kent.

And to our shock we were all 100% convinced that the questions did indeed follow the book.

We contacted City and Guilds again with our findings and they did some deeper research and have indeed replied today:

"Hi Terry,


Thanks for your patience, it would appear that you and your team were 100% correct.


The test should be appearing in order of the 18th edition book – this is deliberate. So in this instance, the answer to the customer’s query is that it is intentional to avoid candidates wasting time going back and forth in the book during the exam.


However, we have had cases where centres claim the test is appearing in a random order, which shouldn’t be happening."

For those of you doing the 18th Edition via our online Full or Update Courses you will now find that the Final Assessment is also delivering the questions in Part Order.

So hopefully we've now finally put this question to bed!





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