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02, Mar, 2022

Do I need to re-sit my 18th Edition for Amd 2? (and many more FAQs) This post looks at some frequently asked questions about the 18th Edition Amendment 2 coming in 2022 and how we will be supporting you on LearningLounge.com.

18th Edition Amendment 2 is on its way.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

With Amendment 2 of the Regs coming (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022), here are a few frequently asked questions and some info on how we can help if you’re thinking about signing up to one of our 18th Edition Online Courses or already have access.

Q. When is Amendment 2 being published?

  1. We’re expecting a new (brown) book to be available around spring 2022.

Q. How will this affect the qualification and exams?

  1. Once Amd 2 is published, you will be able to sit an Amendment 1 exam, which does not include Amendment 2 questions, or choose to do the Amendment 2 exam with questions taken from the new book. Then from about Oct 2022, we anticipate only an Amendment 2 exam will be available.  

Q. Can I sit the Amendment 2 exam with an Amendment 1 book?

  1. Yes, although you should be aware that you may face questions that you cannot accurately answer. Depending on the questions randomly drawn for your exam, and your personal knowledge, it could be possible to pass the exam.  However, as there’s a new Part 8 and numerous other changes, it is recommended that anyone sitting the Amendment 2 exam does have an Amendment 2 book.

Q. How will this affect my online 18th Edition course with learninglounge.com?

  1. Everyone with a live enrolment to one of our 18th Edition courses (who has not already booked an exam) will be offered a free upgrade to the Amendment 2 version of the course and our state-of-the-art exam simulator for the remainder of their enrolment. This will give you a comprehensive training solution to prepare you for either exam. Please note that the upgrade option does NOT include provision of a new 18th Edition Amendment 2 book.

Q. I’ve already got my 18th Edition, so do I need to get the latest Amd 2 qualification?

  1. Most people won’t be required to take the Amendment 2 exam.  However, if you're considering changing job, or you’re a Qualified Supervisor this may be a requirement. If you need to have an Amendment 2 qualification, then LearningLounge.com is here to help you with upgrade options to keep you current.

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