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02, Mar, 2022

Free Upgrade to 18th Edition Amendment 2 This post provides information on upgrading to Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition.

In April 2022 the IET will be publishing Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition. We have spoken to the IET and qualification providers (EAL and City & Guilds) to provide a roadmap and provide guidance on those who need to obtain their 18th Edition.

First things first:
Q. will you need to sit your 18th Edition again if you already have it or are doing it soon?
A. the simple answer is that this is only likely if you are a Qualified Supervisor or if your company/contract requires it. If you do require it, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter to receive details on our cost-effective level-up course with exam.

Qualification options

From publication date (expected to be early April) anyone studying their 18th Edition is expected to be able to choose whether to do an Amendment 1 or Amendment 2 qualification.  From September 2022 only an Amendment 2 exam will be available.

LearningLounge Course Options

All existing live enrolments to LearningLounge 18th Edition courses, where the exam has not already been booked, will be eligible for a free upgrade to the version updated to Amendment 2.  This will enable them to select the amendment 2 exam when booking. Please note that the upgrade does NOT include the Amendment 2 book, which will be required by those choosing to sit the Amendment 2 exam.

To receive notifications on our 18th Edition Amd 2 upgrade process, as well as other LearningLounge.com products and special offers, please SUBSCRIBE to our free LearningLounge.com/Una-Volta newsletter.




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