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02, Jan, 2019

18th Edition Corrigendum (Dec 2018) The IET has issued a corrigendum, highlighting 11 tweaks

The IET published a corrigendum on 28 Dec 2018 that highlights 11 tweaks to BS 7671:2018.

In brief, the tweaks address:

  • five oversized labels in Section 514*,
  • a new colour that can be used to identify a functional earthing conductor,
  • an alignment of a zone in Fig 701.1f (Locations containing a bath or shower) to match the words detailed in Regulation 701.32.3,
  • the requirements for lighting circuits in Group 1 and Group 2 of medical locations have been made clearer,
  • BS EN 60947-2 should be referenced as '2017', and not as A2:2013**
  • the last row of the table that introduces Appendix 4 covers 90 ºC 'thermosetting' cables, and not as thermoplastic cables
  • a temperature change to a (glass fibre) flexible cable in Appendix 4. 
*   Incorrectly resized to fit page width after proof reading.
**  Due to the publication of two standards in 2017, which were between the cut-off date for new work and the publication date for BS 7671:2018, it was timely to include these minor tweaks as well.

So, nothing major.  However, to view or download the document for free, click on the following link:
https://electrical.theiet.org/media/2065/bs-7671-2018-corrigendum-dec-2018.pdf so do take a minute or two to mark-up your book.




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