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04, Nov, 2021

OZEV registration with Wallbox Information and contact details for EVE graduates who wish to get OZEV approval with Wallbox.

Wallbox EV Charging

Established in Spain in 2015, Wallbox is a team of designers, engineers, computer scientists and programmers who design, manufacture and distribute innovative intelligent charging solutions for plug-in electric and hybrid cars.

Wallbox is dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy.

Its smart EV charging systems combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding design, managing the communication between car and charger via the easy-to-use MyWallbox app. Wallbox do not overcomplicate things – they don’t want users to have to read a manual before they understand how their charger works. Charging should be fast, easy and smart.

That is why you only have to look at products like the Pulsar Plus to know if it’s charging, or why the MyWallbox app allows business users to check on the activity of their chargers at any time in real-time. Wallbox offer three models of charging station, designed respectively for home, business and public multi-use environments: the Pulsar Plus, Copper SB and Commander 2.

As an EVE Graduate, you can commence your OZEV/Wallbox approval by emailing:


subject header: EVE Graduate OLEV/Wallbox Approval. Please attach your EVE completion certificate. Wallbox may also verify EVE graduates by contacting LearningLounge.com

For more information on Wallbox products please visit





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