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14, Oct, 2020

EVE - partner exam centres for EV qualification option Here is a google map listing our partner exam centres. EV exam centres have a charging point symbol. All of the other centres are our 18th Edition partner exam centres.

As well as having a number of manufacturers OLEV LIST who will accept EVE as their training prerequisite for OLEV registration, EVE is available with an exam option at one of our partner exam centres. Please look for the EV charging symbol on the map which highlights those centres that can deliver an EV Qualification. EVE has been designed to cover all of the content required to pursue both domestic and commercial course syllabi for City and Guilds, EAL and LCL certification.

If the manufacturer you wish to install is on our OLEV list above then you will not need to have the formal qualification to contact them to commence the OLEV approval process. The qualification may still be useful to prove competency, perhaps when subcontracting.

You can purchase the exam option either with the course or for a separate upgrade price.




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