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27, May, 2018

How much do you know about the 17th Edition? Which study to choose when preparing for BS 7671:2018

Choosing your course

In the past, it has been possible to take an update exam for BS 7671.  This update exam was for people who had a good working knowledge of the previous edition of the regulations and only needed to be tested on the elements introduced with a new version. 

There is no update exam option for the 18th Edition wiring regulations BS7671:2018. Success when taking the exam requires thorough knowledge of the whole book and not just the changes introduced by the 18th Edition.  So choosing the right level of study is important.  To help you become exam ready, Learning Lounge will offer two course options.

The Update Course

This course allows you to experience a lot of the same rich content as the full course but only focusses on the core changes from BS 7671: 2008(2015).  The study will be in the same style and you will view high quality video content along with interactive sections, revision exercises and exam tips.  Everyone studies differently and will need to work in their own way and learn at their own pace.  However, we anticipate that if you have a good residual knowledge of the 17th Edition up to amendment 3, getting yourself to exam readiness with our update course should take around 5-7 hours.

The Full Course

Those who haven't sat a BS 7671 exam for a while and who may be a bit rusty on the regs or, indeed, are coming to the qualification for the first time should choose the Full  Course.  This will work through the 18th Edition book and not assume any knowledge beyond the principle that you are an electrician or will very soon become one and so have greater than the average understanding of the principles of electrical installations. 

60 questions in 120 minutes is tough. Not only does the course prepare you with the knowledge you need to do your work as an electrician or supervisor but it also gives you valuable tips on exam technique and book navigation so you can find what you need quickly and efficiently.  The exam is not about memory.  It is about practical and sensible use of the requirements contained within BS 7671.  We estimate that study of the Full Course will take around 20 hours.

Our objective is to bring the subject to life.  We don't enjoy endless PowerPoint and dull presentation so we don't want to inflict it upon you.  In our many hours of video content we take you where the regulations apply.  We visit many of the special locations in Part 7  allowing you to explore subjects deeper than the requirements of the exam if you choose to.  Part 5 takes you to a manufacturer of SPDs to understand their function and also see what happens when lighting hits an unprotected consumer unit.  It's loud!

Our desire is to give you a course that not only gets you the qualification you need but also entertains, interests and deepens your knowledge.  Full details of course options and the pre-course assessment will be announced on www.learninglounge.com/channel18

Enrol and you will be entered in the monthly prize draw for the chance to win some excellent prizes.  You'll also be informed of our early bird course price offers.




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